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Published on Mar 22nd, 2023 02:17 pm

[Updates 22.Mar.2023]

  • The manual deposit and withdrawal method via Skrill has been added.
  • The prices of the membership packages have been increased because those who upgrade thanks to the points system can more easily make a profit, so at the moment only 50% of the amount spent is recovered only from the ads placed by the administrator (ptc & videos).
  • Also, for every $1 deposited, we increased the reward in points to 150 points for Free, 200 points for Silver and 250 points for Gold members.
  • Rewards in points for completing Offerwalls for each membership have been increased, depending on the package you have you can receive up to 200 points per Offerwall Job or up to 15 points per Clixwall Job.
  • A bug in the Internal Jobs system has been fixed.

[Updates 20.Mar.2023]

  • I reduced CPM to PTP leaderboard due to the fact that some visits are counted that should not be.

[Updates 12.Mar.2023]

  • The ticket support system has been re-introduced directly into the website. (
  • New partnerships with third-party advertisers have been established.

[Updates 05.Mar.2023]

[Updates 04.Mar.2023]

  • Now you can withdraw or deposit through Faucetpay. (You must have an account)
  • Now you can withdraw or deposit through Coinbase. (You must have an account)
  • The account upgrade will be done from this moment only from the purchase balance.

[Updates 03.Mar.2023]

  • The points contest has been modified.
  • Monlix offerwall it was added.
  • In the PTP program, CPMs for [1:1000-1:1999] were increased from $0.10 to $0.15 and for [1:1-1:999] from $0.20 to $0.25.

[Updates untill 28.Feb.2023]

  • I eliminated member goals and reorganized the Crack the Vault system.
  • Now to see the clues in Crack the Vault you just need to complete the shortlink on its page.
  • Also, the clues and the cost of trying the crack the vault system will be done in the following way:
    • At the beginning of first week of the month the jackpot will be 0.50$, a try will cost 0.02$ and no hint will be given.
    • In the second week of the month the Jackpot is $1, a try will cost $0.04 a number out of the 4 will be offered as a clue. (1/4)
    • In the third week of the current month the Jackpot is $1.5, a try will cost $0.08 and another number out of the 4 will be offered as a hint. (2/4)
    • In the last week of the current month the Jackpot is $2, a try will cost $0.16 and another number out of the 4 will be offered as a hint. (3/4)
  • If the last day of the 4th week of the month passes and the number is not found, then the system will reset itself again.
  • Starting from 24.02.2023, new users must confirm their email address to validate their account.
  • Vacation mode was disabled due to technical issues.
  • We have re-added the methods of advertising link ads and text ads.

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