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Create your campaign by easy steps using the advertiser guides available on our FAQ page. Connect your project to large audience of users immediately and at a reduced cost.

  • - You will get only organic traffic because bots or fake traffic is prohibited on our website.
  • - You can promote websites, youtube videos,telegram channels and more url(s)
  • - You can create advertising using your 468x60 banners or just simply use text or links
  • - Detailed statistics about your promotions
  • - Select GEO targeting option
  • - Instat deposit payments with trusted gateaways
How it works

Start earning money or crypto with

Using our platform as a member you have different ways to increase your daily income. The platform always offers you new solutions to improve your income.

  • - Cheap membership with many benefits
  • - Earn up to 0.0016$ per PTC click
  • - Earn up to 0.0024$ per Youtube Video view
  • - Earn up to 0.0008$ per PTC referral click
  • - Earn up to 0.0012$ per Youtube Video referral view
  • - Earn up to 0.01$ per Internal Jobs
  • - Earn up to 0.15$ per view on FastHits4u Grid
  • - Earn up to 0.0005$ per 10 views on FastHits4u Traffic Exchange
  • - Crack our vault system with clues and earn money
  • - Offerwall contents with prizes up to 25% from your earnings
  • - Faucet claim every 1h with reward of $0.0004 per claim
  • - Point contents with prizes up to 5$


Like any other GPT in the world, wants to reach number 1. For this, I, as the administrator of the platform, work to improve it almost daily. To reach No. 1 besides the work I do, I also need you, visitors, members, because only together can we get where we want.

Our objectives:

  • Get 500 members - Objective accomplished
  • Get 1000 members - Objective accomplished
  • Get 2000 members - Objective accomplished
  • Get 4000 members
  • Sent payments to members in total of $50 - Objective accomplished
  • Sent payments to members in total of $100 - Objective accomplished
  • Sent payments to members in total of $200 - Objective accomplished
  • Sent payments to members in total of $400

Organization of the financial system:

System revenue

  • 75% is from Offerwalls
  • 25% is from Advertising

System distribution

  • 85% to Members
  • 10% to Fasthits4u Team
  • 5% to Marketing / Online Promotion

1. 85% of system distribution will be allocated to our users. The more the members get involved, the more the gains are.
2. The 10% that goes to the Fasthits4u team is used for website payments (domain, hosting, ssl, script, etc.).
3. The 5% that goes to marketing is used to attract new users and to promote the platform at international levels.

Offerwall partners of

In the list below you will find our offerwalls, surveys, apps and more partners.

  • BitsWall
  • CPX-Research
  • Lootably
  • Monlix
  • Notik
  • Offeroc
  • SkippyAds
  • Timewall
  • Wannads

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Below you will see some advertisements from third-party advertisers. We apologize if some ads bother you.

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