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Results from Jan 09th, 2023

  • Now you can finally earn something back promoting your personal referral link!
  • You get paid for each unique visitor you send. An unique visitor is a single IP that visits once every 24 hours.
  • A good signup rate gives you a high CPM rate, no signups gives you the lowest CPM rate.
  • Each week this leader board will reset and prizes added to your account balance.
  • The leaderboard is sorted on value.
  • Your username will be showed if you have at least 1 signup.
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# Member Visits / Signups Value Conversion CPM
1 internautalegal 445 / 3 $0.1335 1:148 $0.3
Signup Conversion CPM
1:1 - 1:999
1:1000 - 1:1999
1:2000 - 1:4999
1:5000 - 1:9999
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Mar 27th, 2023
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Feb 06th, 2023
Jan 30th, 2023
Jan 23rd, 2023
Jan 16th, 2023
Jan 09th, 2023
The rules are simple
  • You will automatic participate in this leaderboard when you promote your referral link.
  • Earnings are added to your account after the week closes.
  • Your earning is calculated on result, a good conversion rate leads to a higher CPM rate.
  • Earning changes during the contest to match your result.
  • Use common sense and do not bend rules. No multiple accounts, no bot traffic, no empty referrers, no autosurf, no buying signups and no other tricks.

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