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Platform update - IV

Published on Jan 17th, 2022 09:36 am

Dear members,

Here you have the lates updates about our platform:

  • We've added the following advertising methods for advertisers:
    • Banners ads (468x60)
    • Text ads
    • Link ads
    • Login banner ads (468x60)
  • Social networks have been added to the main menu where you can find information about the platform.
  • The Badge & Wheel of Luck event has been removed.
  • The Rank Up system and its rewards have been implemented
  • New self-sponsored ads have been added, and the price of membership packages has increased.
  • Now a random offerwall will receive an 18% increase in conversion rate every day.
  • Additional information for advertisers has been added to the advertising purchase page.
  • The commissions for the completion of Offerwalls and Clixwalls by DR have been activated.
  • In the cash surfing program the gain has been changed from 0.00001 EUR to 0.0001 EUR and the gain is now offered for every 5 sites visited not 25 as before.
  • A new task has been added, and starting today some tasks can be collected multiple times.
  • Now for each deposit you earn points depending on the membership package you have.
  • Currently the change of points in PB is deactivated.

- Don't forget to vote the next addon you want in the next update ->

- If you have any suggestions for the next update, please send them to me through the ticket system in the Update - Suggestions department.

- Don't forget to leave a feedback about this update here ->

Founder of


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