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Platform update - I

Published on Sep 01st, 2021 03:50 pm

Dear members,

Here you have the lates updates about our platform:

  • The internal messaging system is now more prominent.
  • New tasks have been added. ( 14 - 16 )
  • New PTSU offers have been added. ( 4 - 6 )
  • The promotion of 468x69 banners has been removed . ( Login Banners + Banners )
  • HCaptcha verification has been replaced with ReCaptcha.
  • Fixed issues with registering new members in Vietnam who could not see how to win.
  • Weekly Wheel Spin has been amended as follows:
    • it will be organized only once a month
    • the prizes have been increased ( 1x - 4x )
    • removed weekly from name of the event
  • Annual membership packages have been canceled.
  • The membership packages have been modified so that:
    • prices will change automatically each time the administrator adds new ads (self-sponsored).
  • The commissions for the acquisitions of referrals have been modified.
  • The time to watch ads in the Cash Surfing system has increased for all membership packages.
  • In cash surfing we now receive money for every 25 sites visited and we receive the amount of 0.00025 EUR.

Next important updates:

  • Automation of the system for converting points into money in the withdrawal balance. (I'm waiting to receive the change from EvolutionScript)
  • Adding the Bonus Ads addon (This addon will require a $ 75 investment)

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