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What is the minimun cashout and what is the minimum deposit?

Posted on 13 July 2022 05:29 pm

[Last update: 05.Mar.2023]

About cashout:

  • the minimum cashout via Payeer is 0.15$. (transfer fee is 0.01$)
  • the minimum cashout via Perfect Money is 0.15$. (transfer fee is 0.50%)
  • the minimum cashout via FaucetPay is 0.15$. (no transfer fee)
  • the minimum cashout via Coinbase is 0.15$. (no transfer fee)
  • the minimum cashout via Solana is 0.5$. (transfer fee is 0.0001 SOL) - convert here
  • the minimum cashout via Dogecoin is 0.5$. (transfer fee is 1 DOGE) - convert here
  • the minimum cashout via USDT is 2$. (transfer fee is 1 USDT)

Our withdrawal fee is 0.02$ + 10%.

If an amount less than the minimum is withdrawn, that amount will be refunded.

We do not cover the transfer fee.

Make sure that in the withdrawn amount you can pay the transfer fee of each platform, otherwise the withdrawal will be canceled and the money will not be offered back.

About deposits:

  • the minimum deposit via Payeer, Perfect Money, Faucetpay, Coinbase is 0.25$
  • the minimum deposit via Dogecoin, Solana, USDT TRC20 is 0.5$

If your withdrawal was refunded, access the following link to find out the reason: