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FREE actions you can do to help Platform

Posted on 15 August 2022 01:19 pm

1) Did you get paid? Share your proof in Forum - Proof of Payments Board

This is something you should all do. Many users decide whether or not to use a site like by looking at the stories and payments of other users. The more satisfied users, the more people will be attracted to our platform.

But how and where do I post my proof of payment? Well, when you receive a payment from, go to the Forum - Proof of Payments Board and create a new topic. Here you have a guide how too so if you don't know check this link -

2) Interact with advertisers

In sites like , more advertisers means more earnings for users. Therefore, it is advisable to show interest in advertising. How? Well, for example:

  • Clicking on banner ads on the website (highlighted with a red border)