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Update - VI

Posted on 14 August 2022 10:07 am

Dear members, below you will find the latest changes from this update made on our wonderful platform:

  • Boosted offerwall is now active for 7 days instead of 3, and each time the offerwall that receives this bonus is notified on the forum and on our social platforms.
  • The 1 DR reward for posting proof of payment on the forum has been removed.
  • The hall of fame gallery was added to the front page.
  • PTSU tasks have been replaced with Internal Jobs.
  • The cash surfing system was modified in the final version as follows:
    • the name has been changed to Fasthits4u Final Autoclaim
    • surfing is done automatically
    • the viewing time of a site is 60 seconds for Free members and 30 seconds for Silver members
    • pentru fiecare 10 site-uri vizitate se ofera 0.0005$ momentan maximul de vizite pe zi este de 200.
  • The script received an update from version v6.0 to version v6.1
  • The Offerwall "Offeroc" has been added to our list.
  • The "Skippy Ads" offerwall has been added to our list.
  • The Support system has been replaced with the Helpdesk system (when you send the first ticket through the new system, check your email because a new account is automatically created)
  • Accounts that do not show activity for more than 30 days will be marked as inactive and can be re-activated only via the ticket system.
  • Also the Pages (TOS / News / Faq) were transferred to the Helpdesk system.
  • Offerwalls have all been placed under one link and on the respective page you can find the additional information.
  • Starting today, you will purchase referrals that have performed at least one action in the last 3 days (a click on an advertisement, a video viewing or a successfully performed offerwall)
  • New PTC (self-sponsored) ads have been added
  • The commissions obtained through the offerwalls referral system for Silver members have been increased (check the upgrade page)
  • New withdrawal/deposit methods have been added.
  • Updated minimum withdrawal amounts for certain portals.
  • Fees for withdrawals at certain portals have been updated.
  • In addition to the fixed withdrawal fee, a 10% fee was added for all portals. This fee will be used as follows:
    • 4% for website maintenance (domain, hosting, security)
    • 2% evolution script license
    • 4% for the purchase of new addons (evolutionscript) - after the purchase of all addons this percentage will disappear
  • We removed the TEXT / LINKS / BANNER AD / LOGIN BANNER AD ads
  • The offerwall "TimeWall" has been added to our list.
  • The official currency of the site has been changed from EUR to USD (due to the flow of the euro currency)
  • Now you can transfer money from the withdrawal account to the purchase account (the minimum amount for a transaction is $0.05)
  • The script received an update from version v6.1 to version v6.2
  • With the new update of the script, you can now select the amount you want to withdraw from your account balance.
  • Starting with this update, the SILVER membership package will have a revenue share of only 50% (only from ads & videos), you can easily collect the rest from the other earning methods.