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Paid to click ADS

Posted on 21 July 2022 01:31 pm

Q: What advantages do "Paid to click" ads offer?

Paid to Click ads are ads that bring you traffic directly to a link (url). All visits to your link are made by members of the platform (no robots).

The link (url) you promote must not be part of the following category:

  • No sites with illegal activity
  • No frame-breaking sites
  • No shortlinks or other redirecting sites
  • No viruses, trojans, or spyware
  • No adult content

How to create a Paid to Click Ad:

Step 1: To be able to purchase credits, you must first make a deposit so log in to your account, access the "Add funds" category from the dashboard or click on the following link Please select the desired amount and the portal through which you want to add money to your purchase account and finish the process.

Step 2: Now that you have added money to the purchase account, visit the "Advertise" category from the main menu or enter the following link Select the amount of credits you want from the "Paid to click Ads" column and complete the process of purchasing credits.

Step 3: From the dashboard we will enter the "Advertiser Panel" or using the following link and choose the button "Paid to click Ads or PTC".

Step 4: We will now click on "Click here to add a new advertisement" or on the following link and fill in the form to create the PTC advertisement.

Step 5: After sending the ad creation form, you will be redirected back to the "Manage" section and notice that your ad appears, which you must validate by pressing the "Click here to validate this ad" button complete the surf security capcha (click the upside down picture) and done your ad is now validated.

Step 6: After the validation of the ad from "Manage" you need to click on "Allocate" and allocate credits to run your ad.


  • For 8-second ads, 1 credit is used for each click.
  • For 16-second ads, 2 credits are used for each click.
  • For 31-second ads, 4 credits are used for each click.
  • For 61-second ads, 8 credits are used for each click.