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[ALERT] - This is an informative message please read it.

Started by Vall3ntin Dec 15th, 2021 at 08:05
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Dec 15th, 2021 at 08:05

Dear members,

As an administrator, I have the duty to notify the members of the platform on a monthly basis about the following issues:

  • I am the only person who manages this platform and I communicate with you only through this internal messaging system, through the support ticket and only the e-mail addresses ( / ), avoid contacting to discuss on e-mail addresses, communicate with me only through the ticket system.
  • I will never ask for your login details.
  • Manual deposits through CRYTPO will be made only through the ticket system, there I will send you the crypto address where you can send the amount of money to load the account.
  • Do not use VPN because you may be automatically blocked.
  • Don't tell your friends / password because you can't trust them.
  • To check when you receive an internal message from the administrator, try to reply (there you will receive a message like "You can't send messages to administrator, contact us via support tickets."), Otherwise report the person for a ban.
  • If any member asks for the account password, username or other account details please report it to take quick action because such things are not tolerated by me.

Cheers, Staff

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